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True Story – Nanny Cams Don’t Lie!

hidden nanny cameraTop ten reasons why we should all have a nanny cam…#3 Nanny cams don’t lie!

Nanny cams don’t lie- alleged robber arrested

Posted: Jun 01, 2015 4:14 PM EDTUpdated: Jun 01, 2015 4:27 PM EDT

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) –Johnson County sheriff’s deputies have arrested a woman who was photographed on a hidden nanny cam during an armed home invasion.Cheyenne Marie Watts was arrested over the weekend. Authorities say she is the woman who participated in an armed robbery of an Overland Park woman, Katie O’Connor. Two men also took part in the robbery, which occured in the victim’s home.



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Scumbag sexually assaulting 5 year old girl caught by nanny cam

Another scumbag who got caught by a nanny cam…hope he gets his in prison.

nanny camChild Sex Assault Suspect Gives Up Therapist license

Breaking News Staff


UPDATE @ 2 p.m. (May 22): Dwight Gehring, accused of being caught on “nanny cam” sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl, has surrendered his massage therapist license today, according to the Ohio Medical Board.

Gehring, 66, surrendered it today, according to online records. A spokeswoman for the board said an entry of permanent revocation of his license also was filed.

Gehring remains in the Montgomery County Jail on a $500,000 bond. If convicted, Gehring could face between one to five years in prison.

UPDATE @ 6:24 p.m. (May 20): Dwight Gehring, the 66-year-old Englewood man police said was caught on a “nanny cam” sexually assaulting a 5-year-old in an apartment complex in the city, is a licensed massage therapist, according to public records.

Gehring has an active massage therapist license through the state of Ohio, and online records show his practice is in an office complex at 12 W. Wenger Road.

Englewood police believe there may be one or more additional people who were sexually assaulted by Gehring, but officers don’t have any evidence to support that they may be clients of his.

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GPS Tracking Of Spouse…

Found this story and just thought I’d share it, chilling story about love, passion and someone getting butt hurt….

iTrail GPS LoggerPolice: Westlake brothers indicted for placing GPS tracker on estranged wife’s car

WESTLAKE, Ohio – Two Westlake brothers have been indicted for stalking and will be arraigned next month for menacing by stalking.

Faez Muntaser is accused of planting a GPS tracker under his estranged wife’s car.

His brother, Muntaser Muntaser, is also named in the indictment handed down on Monday.

The victim said she fears for her life and did not know how long the device had been implanted underneath her car.

She went to police in Westlake to report the incident.

The victim said either her husband or his brother would show up at places like malls, traffic lights, corner stores, and she couldn’t explain how they knew where she was all the time….

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Spy Cams – Finding The Truth Can Be Very Difficult

Another article on spy cams, cheating spouses and getting butt hurt…

Think your partner is cheating on you? Bug them

It is getting easier and cheaper to spy on your partner or business rival these days.

For as little as R280, a suspicious husband or wife – or a deceitful businessman – can buy a listening device online. For a bit extra, there are also clocks, sunglasses and alarm system “eyes” with built-in clandestine cameras.

Security experts and detective agencies said this week that there was massive growth in this market, with clients asking for these gadgets.

“We have quite a few people phoning us about matrimonial cases,” said Alan Carey, director of Durban-based Justicia Investigations. “A lot of times, when we speak to them, they say that they have these suspicions because they had already bought and used a particular device.”

Increasingly common are small electronic devices that are activated remotely. A SIM card is inserted into the device and, when that number is dialled, the person calling can listen to what is being said nearby. Carey said this was used as much in matrimonial cases as in industrial espionage.

An exact replica of a VW car key, this device is capable of recording HD video and audio, and is often used to secretly record business meetings. Image: THULI DLAMINI

“One [client] actually took out the top wooden panel of the door of a flat he owned in Joburg that his wife was going up to and placed the device there. He then dialled in and listened in to a conversation and realised that his wife wasn’t alone in the flat. He came to us, said his wife was going back to Joburg and asked if we could go and do surveillance,” said Carey.

These kinds of devices are available across South Africa, not only in online stores.

Manhar Parshotam, owner of Dragon Protection Services, said: “You can get them pretty much anywhere these days.”

They were usually used when cheating was suspected. “We see them used for incidents involving husbands and wives, that’s the most common. But you also see people do it for business reasons, such as recording their business partners if the relationship has soured. People are also doing it in meetings,” said Parshotam.

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Spy Drones…I gotta have one!

This is truly amazing and why I love this tech stuff so much, you have got to read this story if you are into the camera drones….

Pocket-sized ‘Black Hornet’ spy drone tested by US Army

The tiny drone can be used to peer inside buildings before sending in troopsThe US Army is experimenting with a tiny spy drone that could be carried on a utility belt and deployed for surveillance tasks.

The PD-100 Black Hornet looks like a toy helicopter, weighs just 18 grams and is fitted with a thermal camera. It can stay in the air for around half an hour, travelling around 1 kilometre.

It comes in a little box that can be attached to a utility belt. When needed it can be released and controlled with one hand using a video game-style joystick, while the operator watches a live feed from the Hornet’s camera.

British Forces have already used the spy drone to explore enemy compounds in Afghanistan.

Commanding officer Major Adam Foden, who has used the drone, described it as a “game-changing piece of kit”.

“Previously, we would have had to send soldiers forward to see if there were any enemy fighters hiding inside a set of buildings.


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The Dark Side of Tiny Cameras

So, anything can and will be abused….

outletcamSpy Cam’ discovered in women’s restroom at UC Berkeley

By Debora Villalon, Reporter

BERKELEY, Calif. (KTVU) More than 1,000 students living in UC Berkeley dorms have been notified after a hidden camera was found in a bathroom.
It’s the second incident in as many months.
This time, the camera looked like an electrical outlet, and campus police want unsuspecting women who believe they might be victims, to come forward.
Campus police are hoping those unsuspecting women, who believe they might be victims, to come forward.
“How can someone do that, randomly and for so long?” one student commented to KTVU, realizing that she has used the restroom in question.
“Very unsafe, very uncomfortable,” said her friend, who had been recorded too, “I don’t want to think about it much.”
Six residential halls are clustered around Unit 1 Central Building which houses academic services, fitness and meeting rooms.
The building has been busy and open 24 hours a day as students prepared for finals.
Women were actually lured down a long hall to a little-used staff restroom by a ploy on the part of the peeper. Police say the suspect put an “out of order” sign on the regular public restroom.
“It said not working or something so we were directed to the other one,” explained a student ruefully.
The sign guided women into a trap.
“It looked really sketchy, just blue tape and this sign,” recalled another freshman, “and we were redirected down this hallway that we didn’t know existed.”
Sometimes cameras are stuck under sinks or behind screens, but this time it was hidden in plain view,
This type of “electrical outlet” cam is just one of dozens marketed online as “spy cams” or “nanny cams”.

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Spying pigeons? Whaaaat?

This article caught my attention and I had to share it…

Wood Pigeon #2Indian police seize pigeon over spying fears

New Delhi (AFP) – Indian police said Friday they have detained a pigeon that flew into a village near the heavily militarised border with Pakistan on suspicion it was being used for espionage.

Police said they had X-rayed the bird to see whether it was carrying anything suspicious after a villager spotted a stamp under its feathers that bore Urdu script and the name of a Pakistani district.

“We sent the bird to a polyclinic where X-ray scans were done to see if there is any spy camera, transmitter or hidden chip,”

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Features To Find In A Spy Watch

<a class='interlink' href=''>spy camera</a> watch Who Doesn’t Want A Spy Watch?

Buying a new spy watch can be exciting, but for a kid or an adult the watch is going to need to have some specific features that they need to have. This is when people should know more about the features they should be looking for. Then people will be able to know if they are getting the right spy watch for their need or if they should keep looking for a new spy camera watch. Without this information, it is very easy for people to get the wrong watch because of the type of features the watch does not have.

The first of the features the watch needs to have is some type of ability to record audio or video. This is going to be a great way to record what is going on around people, but also to know they can replay the event later on when they are looking back at what needs to be changed. However, people need to make sure they are going to have the recording to be clear enough for people to see and hear. Something else that people need to keep track of is how the video is going to be recorded and even if it will have enough space to record enough video or audio to make a difference in what people are hearing.

A second feature that people need to look at is if the watch is going to be water proof or not. If people want to have a true spy watch it needs to be able to go into the water if needed and still work. So people need to make sure the spy camera watch is going to be able to go into the water and keep on going. Without this, people could have problems in getting to enjoy the fact that the spy watch they are using is going to keep on working. However, sometimes people will need to know the depth the watch is able to go down to and this will help guarantee the spy camera watch will keep on working when it is needed to after it has been in the water.

Looking for info on spy camera pens?

ght light feature is another thing that people will want to consider as well. When people are able to have this feature it is going to be easy for them to see where they are going in night, but also get a good idea on what all they can see. Without this, people could struggle to get the right feel on where they are at night or even worse end up tripping on something that they cannot see in the middle of the night while they are trying to sneak around and this could easily lead to people getting caught while they are trying to do their work.

waterproof camera spy watchMotion sensing is another thing that people need to consider as well. By having this information, people are going to have a chance to set this up to know if someone is coming in to see them. Quite often people do not think about this, but with the watches they want to have it set up on a shelf at night. When it is set up, they should have some type of sensor that will notice if someone is coming into the room that people are in. This way people will know if someone entered and be able to wake up and see who is coming in, but also know how to react to the intruder because it can be caught on tape or even audio to help people know who is sneaking in.

Ease of offloading the videos or audio tapes is another thing that people need to consider. Normally people do not think about this, but with the spy watch they need to be able to get the video off of the watch to guarantee they can watch it. However, people need to know more about the way they are going to be able to get the videos and other items off of the watch. Typically with the modern times it is going to be easy for people to do by using the USB cables that they can hook into the spy watch. When people are looking at this, people need to make sure they know about the location of the port they can use as well. Since this is a watch that is being used for spying, people need to make sure the port is hidden either by their arm or even by having some type of plug that is blocking the USB port.

Finally people need to know if the spy watch is going to be able to broadcast what they are seeing at any time. When people are able to get this information, it is going to be easy for them to enjoy the watch because it will offer them some form of protection. When the watch is broadcasting to a central location it is often going to lead to people being able to get the help they need if they have problems. However, people will also find that this is going to be able to help them in providing a live feed as well to call in the police or other people to help raid the party if they see a specific type of action going on.

Having a chance to get a spy watch for either a kid or an adult can be a fun thing to do. However, people need to make sure they know about the features they should be looking for in these watches to guarantee that everyone is going to enjoy the watch. Without this information, people may have trouble in getting to enjoy the watch they are buying because it does not have all the features that people want to have in the watch or even worse they are missing out some of the features the watch needs to have. With the right watch, though, people can start to spy on others and never be detected for what they are doing.


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Covert Cameras – For Work And Home

covert cameras photo of beautiful womanSeeing Things You May Wish You Didn’t

Covert cameras are cameras that can be placed in such a manner that they are invisible to anyone that is close to them. It is rather obvious that this can come in handy in case you want to protect your home against robbery, for example. But there are also many other uses for such cameras. If you own a business, you might be considering to install such a hidden camera at your work space. There are many business owners that find hidden cameras the ideal solution to ensure that the work place stays productive. It is also a great way for employees to stay on their toes, as it does not allow them to perform any funny business at work, drink alcohol or do anything else that is not permitted in the work space. In some cases, business owners even consider to record phone calls or conversations that take place within the office.

But there is a fine line between what is legal and what is illegal and and it is easy to go too far. Even though the intentions are good, employers should always be careful when it comes to the surveillance of their employees, as they are always at risk of being sued or invading the privacy of the individual. Whether or not it is in a legal practice very much depends on the federal and state laws. This article will discuss the laws that apply to the use of covert cameras and other surveillance material. That being said, before you use any of such equipment you should always consult with your lawyer before doing so.

There are several factors you need to take into account when you think about video surveillance at the workplace. Video surveillance could be performed with equipment such as hidden cameras and even audio equipment. For each of these uses, there are several laws that apply to them. Generally speaking, cameras that are visible to the public are usually considered to be legal as long as they are placed in a non-private area.

However, if such a camera also records audio there are other laws that apply. In this case there could be serious legal implications if you do not comply with federal and state law when it comes to wiretapping and eavesdropping. Depending on where you’re located, you need to have the written consent of everyone that is involved, that is to say everyone that will be recorded.

Hidden cameras or covert cameras have different laws that apply to them. In most cases it is legal to record a video as long as it is without sound. This is even the case if the camera is hidden from view and people are not aware of the fact that there is in fact a camera. That being said, a reasonable expectation of privacy should always be adhered to. It is also not permitted to record someone on tape if it is for illegal purposes.

covert camera video key chainMost courts in the United States find that there is no real reasonable expectation of privacy, whether that is with hidden cameras or non-hidden cameras, as long as the recording is being performed in a public area. Do note however, that any business owner that has union employees working for him, might be required to inform the union of the use of hidden cameras. In most cases it is not necessary to inform them about where these cameras will be placed.

However, to safeguard the privacy of the individual, there is also a federal law that protects individuals from capturing pictures or video in places where people expect to have a certain amount of privacy.

The technology of covert cameras has advanced incredibly over the last few years and even decades. It is now possible to install cameras in such a way that they are deeply hidden, and it is possible to do so in several different ways. Camera such as these are often referred to as spy cameras and these can be of great use of employers, but that does not stop certain individuals from using them in an illegal manner. Therefore, many states have passed certain laws to protect individuals from privacy invasion because of these cameras.

These laws determine that it is illegal and even a crime to record videos of people – in a secret manner – where they can expect a reasonable amount of privacy, which is most often the case for areas such as bathrooms, hotel rooms, dressing rooms and many other places where privacy is expected.

covert camera smoke detectorThe federal law therefore determines that it is a crime to record anyone in such private areas, as long as there is no consent from the person that is being recorded. In fact, most states in the United States have such laws in place, to protect the privacy of the individual. There are only two exceptions to these laws, since Iowa and Washington DC are the only states where such laws do not exist. In many states this is considered a crime and some states have a very harsh punishment if one chooses to distribute such recorded material.

It is always a wise decision to check your state’s laws on the matter, since these laws vary from state to state. In particular, there is a difference in what kind of places can be expected to be private. Even though it is rather obvious that a bathroom or a dressing room is a private area, some states also consider a lunchroom for employees to be a private area.

Whether or not it is legal in your state to record people on video at your workplace, many people take offense to that. It is therefore always a good practice to inform employees beforehand that they are – or might be – recorded in the work place. Whether that be with covert cameras or audio devices. Employees can also be informed on the matter within the policy and the employee handbook. In the best case scenario, employees should be asked to sign a written consent, so they acknowledge the existence of such equipment in the office.

In my research I came across this pretty amazing story about an early use of a covert camera and I just had to share it with my readers;


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Benefits Of A Nanny Cam

 why nanny camWhy Do We Need Nanny Cameras?

When someone else is watching the kids for parents, the parents often need to make sure the kids are being taken care of properly. This is when people should know about differences between Security Cameras and hidden nanny cam.

Security cameras are great for well…security, they watch people and people know they are being watched, so they act appropriate.

“Hidden nanny cams are not seen by the nanny or babysitter and so you, the viewer, get to see how they really are when your not around.”

nanny cam <a class='interlink' href='' srcset=spy camera” width=”206″ height=”300″ />Hidden nanny cams are not seen by the nanny or babysitter and so the you, the viewer, get to see how they really are when your not around.

So the benefits of having a hidden camera is to help keep track of the behavior of the nanny, but also and mainly in making sure the kids are properly cared for and safe.

Without any of the information on these cams or the benefits that are present with these cameras, people will often avoid getting them and this can easily lead to them missing a problem that is presently impacting their kids.

The first benefit that people will find with the nanny cameras is they are able to keep an eye on the children and the nanny or baby sitter at the same time.

Normally this is going to allow the parents to have the confidence that the kids are being taken care of properly, but also to have confidence that the kids are being taken care of. Without this, the parents may not be sure if the kids are being taken care of properly or even worse if the kids are being abused and hiding it because of the way the abuse is happening.

Watch This Video to Know More About Buying A Nanny Camera

A second benefit of these hidden security cams is that people can easily monitor the cameras from a remote location. Since these hidden nanny cameras are not meant to be seen because that will put the nanny on edge, people will not want to be caught changing out the tape or repositioning the camera after they have reviewed it. Since this is the case, people need to realize that most of these cameras can be broadcast to the Internet where they can view these from work or someplace else. So people will start to feel confident in how their kids are being treated when they are at work.

“So the benefits of having hidden nanny cams is to help keep track of the behavior of the nanny, but also and mainly in making sure the kids are properly cared for and safe.”

A final benefit that people have found with these monitoring cameras is they can easily be hidden. Since people are able to have these cameras and have them hidden, it is easy for people to spy on the nanny without them even being aware of the spying.

By the nanny or babysitter not knowing about the spying they will not be doing anything that is going to be different than what they normally would. However, people will quickly find that with these being hidden and the nanny not knowing about the hidden nanny cameras they will be able to catch the nanny doing something wrong.

toy dog nanny camAs many people have found out, it is nearly impossible for them to know if their kids are being treated right when they are not at the house. To prevent the kids from being abused and the parents not knowing about it, they are often going to turn to the nanny cams that are available.

By looking at the nanny cam, people will quickly find that they are able to get the camera set up in a private area and spy on the nanny. Then they will be able to know for certain if the nanny is abusing the kids, but also if the nanny is doing their jobs.

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