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True Story – Nanny Cams Don’t Lie!

hidden nanny cameraTop ten reasons why we should all have a nanny cam…#3 Nanny cams don’t lie!

Nanny cams don’t lie- alleged robber arrested

Posted: Jun 01, 2015 4:14 PM EDTUpdated: Jun 01, 2015 4:27 PM EDT

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) –Johnson County sheriff’s deputies have arrested a woman who was photographed on a hidden nanny cam during an armed home invasion.Cheyenne Marie Watts was arrested over the weekend. Authorities say she is the woman who participated in an armed robbery of an Overland Park woman, Katie O’Connor. Two men also took part in the robbery, which occured in the victim’s home.



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Scumbag sexually assaulting 5 year old girl caught by nanny cam

Another scumbag who got caught by a nanny cam…hope he gets his in prison.

nanny camChild Sex Assault Suspect Gives Up Therapist license

Breaking News Staff


UPDATE @ 2 p.m. (May 22): Dwight Gehring, accused of being caught on “nanny cam” sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl, has surrendered his massage therapist license today, according to the Ohio Medical Board.

Gehring, 66, surrendered it today, according to online records. A spokeswoman for the board said an entry of permanent revocation of his license also was filed.

Gehring remains in the Montgomery County Jail on a $500,000 bond. If convicted, Gehring could face between one to five years in prison.

UPDATE @ 6:24 p.m. (May 20): Dwight Gehring, the 66-year-old Englewood man police said was caught on a “nanny cam” sexually assaulting a 5-year-old in an apartment complex in the city, is a licensed massage therapist, according to public records.

Gehring has an active massage therapist license through the state of Ohio, and online records show his practice is in an office complex at 12 W. Wenger Road.

Englewood police believe there may be one or more additional people who were sexually assaulted by Gehring, but officers don’t have any evidence to support that they may be clients of his.

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GPS Tracking Of Spouse…

Found this story and just thought I’d share it, chilling story about love, passion and someone getting butt hurt….

iTrail GPS LoggerPolice: Westlake brothers indicted for placing GPS tracker on estranged wife’s car

WESTLAKE, Ohio – Two Westlake brothers have been indicted for stalking and will be arraigned next month for menacing by stalking.

Faez Muntaser is accused of planting a GPS tracker under his estranged wife’s car.

His brother, Muntaser Muntaser, is also named in the indictment handed down on Monday.

The victim said she fears for her life and did not know how long the device had been implanted underneath her car.

She went to police in Westlake to report the incident.

The victim said either her husband or his brother would show up at places like malls, traffic lights, corner stores, and she couldn’t explain how they knew where she was all the time….

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Spy Cams – Finding The Truth Can Be Very Difficult

Another article on spy cams, cheating spouses and getting butt hurt…

Think your partner is cheating on you? Bug them

It is getting easier and cheaper to spy on your partner or business rival these days.

For as little as R280, a suspicious husband or wife – or a deceitful businessman – can buy a listening device online. For a bit extra, there are also clocks, sunglasses and alarm system “eyes” with built-in clandestine cameras.

Security experts and detective agencies said this week that there was massive growth in this market, with clients asking for these gadgets.

“We have quite a few people phoning us about matrimonial cases,” said Alan Carey, director of Durban-based Justicia Investigations. “A lot of times, when we speak to them, they say that they have these suspicions because they had already bought and used a particular device.”

Increasingly common are small electronic devices that are activated remotely. A SIM card is inserted into the device and, when that number is dialled, the person calling can listen to what is being said nearby. Carey said this was used as much in matrimonial cases as in industrial espionage.

An exact replica of a VW car key, this device is capable of recording HD video and audio, and is often used to secretly record business meetings. Image: THULI DLAMINI

“One [client] actually took out the top wooden panel of the door of a flat he owned in Joburg that his wife was going up to and placed the device there. He then dialled in and listened in to a conversation and realised that his wife wasn’t alone in the flat. He came to us, said his wife was going back to Joburg and asked if we could go and do surveillance,” said Carey.

These kinds of devices are available across South Africa, not only in online stores.

Manhar Parshotam, owner of Dragon Protection Services, said: “You can get them pretty much anywhere these days.”

They were usually used when cheating was suspected. “We see them used for incidents involving husbands and wives, that’s the most common. But you also see people do it for business reasons, such as recording their business partners if the relationship has soured. People are also doing it in meetings,” said Parshotam.

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The Dark Side of Tiny Cameras

So, anything can and will be abused….

outletcamSpy Cam’ discovered in women’s restroom at UC Berkeley

By Debora Villalon, Reporter

BERKELEY, Calif. (KTVU) More than 1,000 students living in UC Berkeley dorms have been notified after a hidden camera was found in a bathroom.
It’s the second incident in as many months.
This time, the camera looked like an electrical outlet, and campus police want unsuspecting women who believe they might be victims, to come forward.
Campus police are hoping those unsuspecting women, who believe they might be victims, to come forward.
“How can someone do that, randomly and for so long?” one student commented to KTVU, realizing that she has used the restroom in question.
“Very unsafe, very uncomfortable,” said her friend, who had been recorded too, “I don’t want to think about it much.”
Six residential halls are clustered around Unit 1 Central Building which houses academic services, fitness and meeting rooms.
The building has been busy and open 24 hours a day as students prepared for finals.
Women were actually lured down a long hall to a little-used staff restroom by a ploy on the part of the peeper. Police say the suspect put an “out of order” sign on the regular public restroom.
“It said not working or something so we were directed to the other one,” explained a student ruefully.
The sign guided women into a trap.
“It looked really sketchy, just blue tape and this sign,” recalled another freshman, “and we were redirected down this hallway that we didn’t know existed.”
Sometimes cameras are stuck under sinks or behind screens, but this time it was hidden in plain view,
This type of “electrical outlet” cam is just one of dozens marketed online as “spy cams” or “nanny cams”.

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Spying pigeons? Whaaaat?

This article caught my attention and I had to share it…

Wood Pigeon #2Indian police seize pigeon over spying fears

New Delhi (AFP) – Indian police said Friday they have detained a pigeon that flew into a village near the heavily militarised border with Pakistan on suspicion it was being used for espionage.

Police said they had X-rayed the bird to see whether it was carrying anything suspicious after a villager spotted a stamp under its feathers that bore Urdu script and the name of a Pakistani district.

“We sent the bird to a polyclinic where X-ray scans were done to see if there is any spy camera, transmitter or hidden chip,”

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