The Dark Side of Tiny Cameras

So, anything can and will be abused….

outletcamSpy Cam’ discovered in women’s restroom at UC Berkeley

By Debora Villalon, Reporter

BERKELEY, Calif. (KTVU) More than 1,000 students living in UC Berkeley dorms have been notified after a hidden camera was found in a bathroom.
It’s the second incident in as many months.
This time, the camera looked like an electrical outlet, and campus police want unsuspecting women who believe they might be victims, to come forward.
Campus police are hoping those unsuspecting women, who believe they might be victims, to come forward.
“How can someone do that, randomly and for so long?” one student commented to KTVU, realizing that she has used the restroom in question.
“Very unsafe, very uncomfortable,” said her friend, who had been recorded too, “I don’t want to think about it much.”
Six residential halls are clustered around Unit 1 Central Building which houses academic services, fitness and meeting rooms.
The building has been busy and open 24 hours a day as students prepared for finals.
Women were actually lured down a long hall to a little-used staff restroom by a ploy on the part of the peeper. Police say the suspect put an “out of order” sign on the regular public restroom.
“It said not working or something so we were directed to the other one,” explained a student ruefully.
The sign guided women into a trap.
“It looked really sketchy, just blue tape and this sign,” recalled another freshman, “and we were redirected down this hallway that we didn’t know existed.”
Sometimes cameras are stuck under sinks or behind screens, but this time it was hidden in plain view,
This type of “electrical outlet” cam is just one of dozens marketed online as “spy cams” or “nanny cams”.

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