GPS Tracking Of Spouse…

Found this story and just thought I’d share it, chilling story about love, passion and someone getting butt hurt….

iTrail GPS LoggerPolice: Westlake brothers indicted for placing GPS tracker on estranged wife’s car

WESTLAKE, Ohio – Two Westlake brothers have been indicted for stalking and will be arraigned next month for menacing by stalking.

Faez Muntaser is accused of planting a GPS tracker under his estranged wife’s car.

His brother, Muntaser Muntaser, is also named in the indictment handed down on Monday.

The victim said she fears for her life and did not know how long the device had been implanted underneath her car.

She went to police in Westlake to report the incident.

The victim said either her husband or his brother would show up at places like malls, traffic lights, corner stores, and she couldn’t explain how they knew where she was all the time….

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