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Spying pigeons? Whaaaat?

This article caught my attention and I had to share it…

Wood Pigeon #2Indian police seize pigeon over spying fears

New Delhi (AFP) – Indian police said Friday they have detained a pigeon that flew into a village near the heavily militarised border with Pakistan on suspicion it was being used for espionage.

Police said they had X-rayed the bird to see whether it was carrying anything suspicious after a villager spotted a stamp under its feathers that bore Urdu script and the name of a Pakistani district.

“We sent the bird to a polyclinic where X-ray scans were done to see if there is any spy camera, transmitter or hidden chip,”

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/afp-indian-police-seize-pigeon-over-spying-fears-2015-5#ixzz3cIfpClZo

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