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Calgary Canada day 2014 the people I meetThey say if you’re going to start your own business, you need to go into something you’re passionate about to keep you going through the work and the hard times that always come before success. That’s why we’re in this business!

When it comes to home security, keeping your family safe, and being able to keep tabs on everyone, there’s nothing like the recent jumps in technology to make new things possible. There was a time when you might simply not know where anyone was for hours at a time or you would have no way of knowing if you were taking the right turn or even what was going on at home.

Technology has helped take on all of these problems and offered more control and security than ever before. Going on a long road trip or are your kids planning on their first one going solo? Take a look at using GPS technology to get there, or GPS trackers to keep track of everyone in an area. Know instantly when something is wrong or amiss. That’s a level of security that previously could only be wished for but is now a reality!

At home, spy cameras can be added with any security system to give your home an extra layer of security, or if the unthinkable happens and you get robbed while you’re gone, the cameras can have that crucial evidence you need to help the police find out who were responsible for the break-ins. Depending on the setup these can also catch mischievous teenage children trying to sneak in and out of your home past curfew, or they can be set up with a home security room or even have backups of the video stored off-site in case the cameras are damaged.

Nanny cams are another example of how technology can help keep your family safe. There’s just something to be said about having the security of knowing that you can see your children and make sure they’re getting the quality care that they need. Peace of mind can be very hard to find and by having great cameras that attach to any setup you want, you can actually get that level of reassurance that simply wasn’t possible in the past.

Honestly, we think that’s one of the coolest things in the world and each time someone comes out with a new video baby monitor, a new in-home security system, a new GPS tracking program, we think that technology is amazing and we want to share it because we understand the awesome potential uses that each and every single one of these advancements can bring even more options to homes and families.

Why wouldn’t you want peace of mind? Why wouldn’t you want the additional security that can come from a simple purchase? We’re here to offer the best technological solutions that are easy to understand, extremely effective, and that can be had without completely busting up your budget.

Just having one of these electronic devices can go a long way towards helping you and your family end up in a better place when it comes to home security and being able to make sure everyone is safe. We understand that for some people the choices can be a little overwhelming but we are here to help you figure out what works best.

Who ever thought there would be a day where a quality nanny camera could film through the eye of an innocuous looking teddy bear? This gives you an entirely new level of ability to look at a room or keep track of what’s going on without anyone knowing.

GPS trackers are another piece of technology that have improved drastically and offer an entirely new level of ability to track. Small trackers can be in any car, in any phone. All these can come back to one tracker or signal so if an emergency comes up you can know where your family members are and how to find them.

This type of technology simply didn’t exist that long ago, but now they’re available for any homeowner. Add in the fact that cameras can be so small and easily hidden that they come as part of small birdhouses, teddy bear eyes, or even smoke detectors. There’s no excuse not to have full coverage in your home!

We don’t want to see you in a house that isn’t fully secure, and we don’t want to see you get ripped off by some smooth talking salesman who charges you two or three times what you should be paying.

When you want high-quality electronics at prices you can afford in your budget, then it’s definitely time to give us a call. Contact us today and let’s see what you need to let technology bring your home the security you truly want!

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